10 Essentials You Need to Know About the ADA

10 Essentials You Need to Know About the ADA (Number 5 Will Surprise You!)

How much do you know about the American Disability Act? Here are 10 essentials you need to know and number 5 will surely surprise you. 1. ADA stands for American with Disabilities Act.  It’s a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in all areas of public

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How can you Make your Business Accessible to People with Disabilities?

You want to make every single customer feel welcome when they visit your business.   However, some businesses fail to make all of their buyers feel as welcome as they should. People with disabilities may experience difficulties in visiting your establishment, for a number of reasons (poor layout, cumbersome doors,

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5 Common Mistakes People Associate with Accessibility

  When hearing the words “disability” and “accessibility” what first comes to mind? Usually, when thinking about these two words there are many common misconceptions or mistakes people make. Today, we will point out what we believe are the five most common.   Just because the illness or disability is

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The Importance of Indoor Positioning Systems for Visually Impaired People

For owners and managers of public spaces, accessibility is a key concern. Nobody wants to make their location unusable for people through oversight or careless design, but, sadly, it does happen. This affects both disabled people’s experience and the location-owner’s reputation. One solution to this ongoing problem is Indoor Positioning

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How Can You Make Your Property More Accessible for Visually Impaired People?

Many of us take accessibility for granted. We can live our lives without worrying about reading signs, climbing stairs or sidestepping obstructions. However, for individuals with sight-related disabilities, accessibility makes a world of difference. Without proper accessibility, blind and visually impaired people may struggle to access a building and navigate